The "Jingle Barks" gallery



Welcome to the Jingle barks gallery.

These are actual dogs.

They are actually barking.

No dogs were harmed in any way during the making of this website.
(They sing Jingle Bells with a little help from the editing desk).
Just click on an image to download and enjoy...

"Josie"   Josie, a small pug from Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, was the first 'Jingle barker'. Thanks to Kelly Damon for leaving the house and knocking on the front door to get her to start barking.

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"Hunter"   Hunter, an easily exciteable chocolate lab, was the second successful jinglebarker. He is proof that sometimes it is best to keep your dog chained up. Thanks to Ted and Heather Mingle of Springfield, Pennsylvania.

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"Quinn and Autumn"

Quinn did most of the work here. Autumn just kind of stood there for show. Thanks to Pam Grayboyes of Radnor, Pennsylvania.

"Finnegan and Colleen"

Finnegan and Colleen worked together here thanks to Judy Kelly-Johnson of Long Pond, Pennsylvania. Colleen only barked once, but Finnegan howled away. (Very little of Finnegan's original howling had to be altered!)

Our newest entry, and most ambitious barker, seen here on his favorite chair. Thanks to Lori Coyle, of Media Pennsylvania, and the Tango Hop for coaching him through the barking.

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We really lucked out with Shakespeare. The fire was a great touch too. Gina not only had a fire going but she even gave Shakespeare a bath beforehand!

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Thanks to Ben and Marian of West Goshen, PA, who started the howling first, which helped get Cochise going. Must be a Texan thing.

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After seeing photos of Vegas wearing antlers at Discover Chiropractic I knew I needed a boxer in the Jinglebarks family. Thanks to Jason for feeding him the treats to get his mouth and tongue going, and for Carolyn for getting him barking.

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After filming Vegas above, I got to meet his roommate cash. He stole the show, although he's more of a yelper than a barker.

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"Dudley, Raiser & Carbon"
Here we have a family of poodles.  Dudley and Raiser are the two main ones (Raiser is the white one) and Carbon joins in with Raiser at the very end just because he wants to be included.  Thanks to Curtisy Briggs of Malvern Pennsylvania for getting them all to cooperate! 
 (photo by

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Dawn Kappine of Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania gets one of her closest companions to sing for us. She looks fierce, but she's a total sweetheart..


Jenna's much smaller hosemate, but just as much a presence as the German Shepherd, Yet another poodle struts his stuff for the Jinglebarks family.


Thanks to Debby Clinkenbeard of Yermo, California. This Chow-Lab mix lives out the desert and has to compete with bobcats, jackrabbits and other wild animals for their place in the nighttime symphony..



Not to be outdone by her houesmate Lila, Roxy, a mixed dalmation, gets her time in the spotlight too.


The newest family members of Curtisy Briggs of Malvern, Pennsylvania.  Freshly groomed, and still technically a puppy... .



Not to be undone by his housemate Cozie. This family's got a lot of sibling rivalry going on!

Ahhh, my first Bloodhound! Hopefully not the last. When I walked up to the house and heard this guy howling in the backyard, I knew I wanted him in the Jinglebarks family. Thanks Denise in Malvern!


Denise's German Shorthair Pointer, Sparky, of Malvern Pennyslvania. Filmed in January of 2008, while he was still in his Puppy months.

Thanks to Scott & Karin of Visionstreamstudios. Tiki barks and growls every time I enter their house, and nobody can figure out why. It's nice to finally hear him put all those sounds to good use!


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