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Most Recent Production:

Original Music Videos:    featuring Jeff Armstrong

The band was filmed in just a few hours inside a train station, I added timelapse footage from my own personal library, as well as stock footage of images from Alhambra Palace, Spain, as suggested by the artist, Jeff Armstrong..

Winner of Best Music Video at Hunter Mountain Film Festival 2022!
As an Homage to Jeff's passion for trains, I decided to get creative while using all my own original footage; Some of it was filmed while on an actual train while on vacation in the midwest, and some of it was from the impressive model train setup on the 2nd floor of the Hyde Park Train station. have fun guessing which is which!

Original Short Film:    "When Foodies Quarantine"

What did you do those first few months of Quarantine? My wife and I made this short video. If you like InstantPots, Proper Pandemic Hygiene, Trucks, dogs, cats, and/or the spirit of Innovation, then you gotta see this!

Recent Educational Video Productions

Supplemental Videos and Promotion to the Book:
"Physical Expression on Stage and Screen"
by Bill Connington, Bloomsbury Methuen Drama 2014

The Alexander Technique teacher at Yale University, Bill Connington, wanted to use online videos to help promote his new book. He scripted 14 videos demostratining exercises from the book, which are designed to help actors release tension.

This video illustrates how to give yourself a few minutes of constructive rest every day.

Student Mentoring Program:
"Life Skill for Students

Jim Hall had a vision for a mentoring program that any school or youth organization can implement, educating and training willing participants with innovative video curriculum and tutorials. His program contains a series of 4 orientation videos for potential staff, as well as 4 videos that teach the students how to manage time, build a webpage, how to prepare a resume and prepare for a job interview. We also made a promotional video to help inform and sell the program to potential users.

This video contains segments from the promotional video.

Online Video Curriculum:
Temple University, Department of Kinesthesiology

Kinesthesiology professor Jeff Gehris had a vision for an online class consisting of videos that will train and equip educators, using actual testimonies and real-life examples of the concepts being taught. He had a basic outline of 5 different video modules, about 15 minutes each, that explore the relationship between movement and learning in pre-elementary education. The final videos primarily consist of footage of real-life situations during a typical day at a small private school, with reflections and clarification by staff members.

This video contains highlights taken from the 5 modules.


Browse Past Projects:

Wedding Samples:
Tropical Wedding
post-ceremony clips from a wedding performed on the beaches of Cozumel, Mexico during a Honeymoon cruise.
First Dance
Highlights from David and Tracy's first introduction and dance
surrounded by family and friends.
Highlights - Diane & Jordan
Vows, glass breaking, art museum, dance, toasts, hora & cake from Diana & Jordan's long awaited day.
Highlights - Shelly & Dave
Special Recap of Shelly and Dave's Wedding this past August at Desales University.
Pre-Ceremony at Mohonk
Paul and Jan's simple but very classy wedding at this historic location, Hudson Valley NY.
Post-Ceremony at Mohonk
Paul and Jan's photo shoot in the stunning garden's, and carriage ride up to the Mansion overlooking the lake on a spectacular fall afternoon.
3rd Place winner!
Watch Joe's winning entry
in Dave William's 2007
Ultimate Editor Showdown

GPVA "Battle of the Editors" 2009 2nd place winner

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On Location:

Highlights video from a week-long trip to the Carribean aboard the Norweigian Sun cruise ship.

Highlights from World Vision trip from the Shanty towns of Lima to the lost city of Macchu Picchu

Reality TV Show:

Reality Based T.V. Show based around the Philadelpia Wings

Season Highlights Montage of the spirited and loyal Fans.

Non-Profit Promotional Videos

Promotional video for a Private School working to transform the lives of Children in the City of Chester

Promotional Video illuminating the work of a non-profit organization revitalizing the City of Chester

Original Documentary:

Media Presbyterian Church - Opening Sequence

Media Presbyterian Church - Closing Sequence

Recitals & Live Performances:

Scenes from Benchmark School's 2013 productions of "Hello Dolly"

2013 Marist Flute Choir led by Julie Donato

Choreographed performance from L.A. Dance Galaxy's 2013 recital.

UPenn's Modern Dance Troup. A performance from their annual spring show 2013.

News Spots:

A look at the difficulty of re-entering society with the stigma of Prison in your personal history. Written and hosted by Cherri Gregg Mincey for Fresh Outlook tv.

A unique and personal look at the work-life of several devoted teachers employed in the public school system in the city of Philadelphia.

Unique Projects:

Production of famous Shakespeare Scene from Henry V.  Shot to look like film

Promotional YouTube video featuring singer Annie Haslan performing in a Centrifuge.

This celebration video features footage, music, and interviews of students, teachers and facilitators of the Gary Schocker master flute class 10 year anniversary.

Highlights from a very unique Anti-Bullying assembly featuring the "Helium" Aerial Dance performance group.

Live Jazz band and Huge array of dancers dressed for the occasion, outdoors on Governor's Island, New York, 2010. (Vintage old movie look added in post)

Documentary style montage of a recap of the Christening of this state-of-the-art learning center.

15 Hot air Balloons launch at 6 a.m. from the Poughkeepsie side of the Hudson River Saturday morning July 6, 2013 from the Walkway bridge.

Local pianists Julie Martyn-Donato and Esther Odescalchi perform Mozart's Piano Sonata in D major.

Stunning timelapse footage edited to original acappella song. I shot the footage over several years vacationing/roadtripping in Arizona, California, Colorado & Utah.

A montage of the establishing of a brand new dance studio for adults filmed over the span of their first year.

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