Memorial and Photo Collage Videos

      Praise from a satisfied customer:

        "Joe;   I just wanted to tell you that Linda loved the video. She said it was the best present she ever recieved."
                        -Karen Chiroux, Colorado Springs, CO

        Another client shares what her mother felt upon recieving a gift of a memorial video:

         "My Dearest Daughter;
                I can never tell you how that video touched me. You girls are my life and love.
                It is hard for me to understand you love me as much as you do.
                I love having you with me and I treasure every moment I am with you.
                This was the best Christmas yet.
                        Love Mom"

These are just some examples of the impact some of our videos have had on loved ones.

Your pictures truly are worth a thousand words.  You know this, that's why you save them. 
A memorial or photo collage video not only preserves your photos, slides, or home movies
but also transforms them into a moving multimedia video celebration of your priceless memories.  
The result is a family heirloom that will be treasured for generations to come.

It's your turn to immortalize your precious family memories.

Click below to download samples,  review some Frequently Asked Questions about the videos,
or contact me:




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