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                                    Classic Wedding Package

      Our Procedure:   
     - We will arrive at the time you designate and begin capturing events of the day.  The pre-ceremony, ceremony, post-ceremony and reception will be recorded at an hourly rate, capturing wide shots of the entire party, guests, and close ups of both bride and groom. 

    - You will receive copies of all the footage two weeks after the ceremony.  After  you�ve had a chance to peruse the footage, and make any additional editing decisions, the master DVD can be created.

     - I personally edit all of the footage into one master DVD with chapter links and a menu.  All pre-ceremony, post-ceremony and reception footage will be edited to create a smooth flowing presentation that is sensitive to continuity, redundancy, pacing, and sound quality.  

      Customer Service:
     - A $100 deposit is required to confirm your date. Remaining payment is due on the day of the ceremony.
     - You can contact me anytime to set up a meeting either in your own home, or my office.

      - DVDs samples of any previous weddings, including edited options or raw footage are available upon request via mail, one-on-one meeting, or high-speed download.

- I am available anytime via my cell phone, or email.  610-420-4727,

      Our Rates:
-I start with a flat hourly rate based on one camera or two cameras and how many hours you'll be needing our service.  I have a basic editing packages, or I can customize your personal editing package based on either your desires or your budget. You do not have to commit to editing to hire me as videographer and you are free to choose editing decisions after you recieve your raw footage.
     Our Availability:
I have two other shooters that I've trained to shoot in my style and according to my standards. After I am booked for a show, I then book the other two shooters. Once they have been booked, I no longer book for that day.

                         Additional Wedding Extras
                        Here is a list of some traditional favorites you may want to commit to before the day of the ceremony.
                        You can add these to your package, at your discretion. These options can all be decided on now, or after you review your footage.
                        Choose at your discretion, or contact me in the future for even more options!

 Celebration video 
This is a 5 - 10 minute video for your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, reception, or bachelor party. Including interviews with friends or family; a photo collage set to music, etc. Use your imagination. We can even come and setup the TV/VCR and play the video on a looped tape during the cocktail hour.

Extra copies 
It is always a good idea to have a few extra high-quality copies as gifts for friends/relatives, or just for safe-keeping. Quality is the same as original.
"Love Story"
The bride and groom are interviewed separately, where they each tell their version of how they met, when they knew this person was the one, how they proposed, etc. The two interviews will then be edited together as an intro to the ceremony footage. Can also include pictures, music, video re-enactment, and even personalized graphics or video.
Highlights video
This is a 10-15 minute video featuring highlights from the event.
Great to give as gifts to friends and relatives who would otherwise not see the entire video.
Can also be designed to your own specifications to include scenes of your choice.
 Photo Montage Video
Very popular to show at the reception. You can open up your video with a series of pictures from various occasions; the bride and groom growing up, shots of them dating and courting, family generations (great grandparents to grandparents to parents weddings, etc. Or even actual photos from the wedding). You pick the music, you put the photos in order, we will do the rest. Flat rate per finished minute.
Streaming video: 
Take any section of your video, or the highlights video, and we'll put it on the internet, for anyone in the world to watch, whether it's a dial up connection, or high speed Cable or DSL. Then email the link to all your friends, family, co-workers, distant relatives, etc. Video Case and label: Extra protective videotape casing with full color label and images from the day's events. Can include actual wedding photos, stills from the video, parts of the wedding program, etc.
 Pre-Wedding shoot  
We will film the preparation activities on the day of the wedding at your direction and edit them into a short 2-5 minute segment at the beginning of the tape, (bridal party at hair salon that morning, groomsmen preparing, limo arriving, ushers preparing church, etc.)
Custom DVD
Your entire edited master can be made into a custom DVD according to your specifications. Anything you see on a store bought DVD can be done to your wedding DVD:  interactive menus, bonus footage, easter eggs, commentaries, photo montages, etc.

Personal Guarantee:
I understand that each wedding is unique. That is why I will work with you to make your final product the best it can be according to your specifications.
If there is any problem/concern with your products/our performance, before, during or after you receive the final products, I will work with you to assure your satisfaction to the best of my ability.
                                                                                                                                    -Joe Donato

Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Photo 1What are the benefits of a professional wedding videographer?
Any experienced bridal consultant will tell you that there are major differences between the video and photography. For example, photos are posed. My videography is not. Video captures everything that happens as it is. Videos capture the reality; the real time images, movements and audio. It is watching the video that makes people cry, not the posed photos.

In addition, with all the new technologies, you are no longer limited to sitting down in front of a T.V. and VCR to watch a two-hour video. With the internet, CDroms and DVDs, you can re-live the moments with short video samples on any computer, worldwide.

reception of Trip and Lisa Lukens, May, 2002Talk to other couples who videotaped their wedding. Many times, they will say something like "we weren't going to do a video, but then we did, and now, five years later, we're so glad we did. With the video, we get to see all the things we didn't notice before; the groom's expression when he first sees the bride coming down the aisle, the flower girl, ring bearer, the bridesmaids walking down the aisle, the opening music, the parents of the bride and groom when they start crying, etc."

If that isn't enough, you will also have your vows recorded forever on high quality audio and video.

You may not see the value now, but trust me. In a few years, you will be so thankful that you captured this once-in-a-lifetime moment on video.

How does your pricing structure work?
Over the years of learning what brides really want the most, I have chosen to structure my services so that I offer the bare minimum I would recommend as a professional, and then add all the additional bells & whistles and extra options on the side, that can be added A La Carte. You get a top quality videographer using professional equipment (camera, lighting and audio) and a professional presence, regardless of the editing package, or time coverage you choose.   If you haven't budgeted for a Hollywood movie, you don't have to pay for it.

How much experience do you have?
Over the past 15 years, A Cappella Productions has done approx 200 weddings, from Catholic to Protestant, Jewish, indoor, outdoor, one camera, two camera, lavish receptions, simple backyard gatherings, day, night, summer, winter, fall, spring, young couples fresh out of college, older couples getting re-married, etc. I've got samples of most of them I can show you. 

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How visible is the videographer during the wedding?
During the ceremony, my goal is to be unobtrusive as possible. This is a sacred ceremony, and I respect that. My equipment is minimal and compact. My cameras are small, lightweight, and designed to work in all levels of light. My job is to capture the drama, not to create more. Many times people will try to talk to me, or feel the need to say something when they see the camera pointed at them, but I never encourage this. When I am filming your wedding, you are free to forget all about the videographer.  We are not being anti-social, and neither are you.  We're just doing our job. If people get in my way, I move. If the minister doesn't want me near the pulpit, I won't go near the pulpit, but I'll still get amazing shots!

Can you come to the rehearsal?
If desired, I will make it a point to attend rehearsal. Every wedding ceremony is different. Every Church/Synagogue/Backyard, etc. is different. With all these factors, finding out about the logistics of the building ahead of time is an important part of the process. I have discovered over the years that I can find out everything I need to know if I arrive 1 hour before the start of the ceremony time. But if I bride has a unique situation and I need to see the ceremony rehearsal, we can arrange that.

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wedding reception 2006 How do you do receptions?
The receptions are recorded at your discretion. If you want me to go around to each table and try to get everybody to say something to the camera, I'll do that. If you just want me to capture unobtrusive shots like I did for the ceremony, then I'll do just that. Feel free to boss me around, but don't feel the need to. It's your reception.
If you only want one hour of the reception, I'll stay for an hour and leave. If you want me to leave after the cake cutting, but don't know what time that will be, then after the cake cutting, I'll finish up, and you don't get charged for any more time.

Do you use your own lights?
My cameras work very well in a wide range of lighting. I've never needed to set up extra lights for a ceremony.  During the reception I have portable, unobtrusive lights on my cameras for the dark-lit dance floors and/or night shots.

How many cameras do you use?
I've done all different setups, from just one camera, all the way up to five different camera angles, and I know the value of each setup. I'll show you the value of each setup, so that you can make an educated decision as to how many cameras will be best for you.

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How many cameras do you recommend?
It depends on the building/setting of the ceremony.  I tend to recommend a minimum of two cameras.  This allows for close-ups of both the bride and the groom as they face each other and say their vows.  It also allows for cutaway shots of the guests, and the parents, friends and family.  Much of which the bride and groom will never get to see on the actual day.  But if there is a really nice view from the balcony, you may want a third camera as well. You may even want to add a fourth one if there is space available in front of the pulpit. The choice is yours. 

recent wedding photo

What is your most basic package?
The most basic service I can offer is simply me, with one camera, filming at an hourly rate. Most other professional wedding videographers are reluctant to offer this service, but it does allow the bride and groom to budget for other things.  You can always commit to additional editing any time in the future, and still guarantee that you get a high quality footage of the day, with good audio and well composed shots from a professional.

Where are you prices?
The main reason you do not see my prices listed here is because I do not want my competitors to know how much I charge. So when you contact me, I will give you my rate sheet for the season, which is the standard I use for all weddings I do, regardless of what kind of car is parked in your driveway

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What if I don't know what I want?
My approach to your wedding package is based on the premise that you are looking for a quality product. Wherever you are in your wedding planning, odds are, you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the cost of wedding vendor services. My desire is to be a bright spot amidst all of the hype and circumstance of the wedding industry.

I do this by taking all the bells and whistles that videographers like to add on their video (i.e.; photo montages, extra copies, highlights videos, pre-wedding day interviews, etc.) and have listed them all individually on a separate page of additional options that you can browse at your discretion. This keeps the cost of the meat of the video dramatically lower than my competition. If you do decide on any "additional toppings," you pay for them individually. If you do not want any of them, you will still get a great wedding video, with quality image composition and sound, and can make editing decisions later, after you review the footage.

reception of Trip and Lisa Lukens, May, 2002 Can I just trust your judgment for the editing?
Yes you can. Just say "we trust you" and you'll receive a top quality job based on my best judgment. If you don't feel the need to analyze every frame of all your footage, I recommend this. I always make it a point to edit the best shots together, and make the final piece the most aesthetically pleasing production possible. Once I hear those words from you, you will receive the edited master about three weeks later.

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Do you shoot in HD format?

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Will your DVD play on my computer, X-box or Blue Ray player?
There is currently a lot of confusion about the DVD production process concerning formats (DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RPW, Blu-Ray, etc.) That is why I personally design and produce all my DVDs using only top-of-the-line, professional production equipment and software. If you experience any problems playing one of my DVDs on your particular DVD player model, whether it's a $40 model from Radio Shack, the latest $300 model from Best Buy, your laptop, or your X-Box, or Blu-Ray, I will address and troubleshoot the issue personally. Me again

How long before I get to see my footage?
I generally make it a point to get the raw footage to you no later than two weeks after the ceremony, but I could easily get the footage to you as soon as the day after the ceremony. This means that if you work it out with me ahead of time, your footage can be waiting for you at your home on the same day you return from your honeymoon.  

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Testimonials from satisfied brides and grooms:

"Hi Joe,                                                                                                  
WOW!!!!!! Paul and I just watched the amazing DVD that you put together for us. I feel like we just relived the whole ceremony...feelings and all! You did a wonderful job capturing the best parts. I loved reminiscing the ceremony, all the before and after moments, candid shots of the children and guests, the gardens, horse drawn carriage, gazebo, lake with huge "goldfish", and so much more. I can't wait to show it to our friends and family who couldn't attend. This is a wedding gift we will truly cherish all our days. With heartfelt gratitude,
         - Jan & Paul, Married Sept 21, 2012


"Hello Joe,
   Zak & I cannot thank you enough for all you did as our videographer.  From the very beginning it was so easy working with you. You gave us exactly what we asked for and within the budget we needed. We are so grateful to have these memories available on video. We thank you over and over again! 
    All Our Best!"
                 - Zak & Jesse Manger, Married October 16, 2010


           "Dear Joe, 
Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding DVD you created for us. It is something we will treasure always. The service of
A Cappella Productions was professional & of highest quality. I would recommend your company to anyone looking for someone to capture their perfect day beautifully.

         - Benjamin & Alicia Ford, Married October 2, 2010


  "Hello Joe,
Thank you so much, we were so happy with the wedding video! We were interested in possibly obtaining two more copies of the video.
    Thank you!"
    - Jenn and Craig Kampes, Married March 15, 2008  


"Dear Joe,                                                                                                  
I am very glad that Jennifer and Scott Hughes recommended you! It was a pleasure working with you on the photo montage and wedding video. We loved the products and appreciate the call and attention you gave us.  I appreciate all your hard work.  Thank you very much for capturing this special day for us!
         - Kymm & Rob Steliga, Married Sept 22, 2006


"Dear Joe,
Thank you so much for the wedding DVD.  We absolutely love it. It is so amazing to have the mood, the joy and the festive feeling of that day captured on DVD forever.  We are thrilled!  It was a real pleasure to work with someone so professional, prompt, courteous!  Thanks again for everything.  We will definitely recommend you highly.  Best,    
                           - Rachel & Noah Helman, Married July 2, 2006


"Dear Joe,                                                                                                     
The wedding video was excellent. 
The best part is the little details we have on the video we would have never thought of.  It is extremely professional looking and we couldn't be more pleased.  In the short time we have had it we watched it 10 times.  It couldn't have been better.  Thank you for all of your work & talent."    
         - Stephanie & Nick Martinson, Married January 21, 2006


"Dear Joe,
Hi - Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on our video.  There's only one word to describe it - PERFECT!  You captured all of the highlights and it is so much fun to watch.   It appears that you also "edited" it and for that we are very, very thankful. 
It's the perfect length : )"    
                                                      -Deb & Al Reiss, Married May 28, 2005


"Dear Joe,  
We absolutely LOVE our wedding DVD!!  Thank you SO MUCH - we are thrilled : )  We can't wait to
show all of our family & friends.  We will recommend you highly to others!" 
  -Scott & Jennifer Hughes, Married January 1, 2005

"Hi Joe,
We got our DVD and it's wonderful!           Thanks for all of your hard work.
It was well worth the wait!"
              -Robert & Kelly Higgs, Married December 18, 2004




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