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I don't get it. Is it just like a slideshow presentation, from one photo to another, only on video?

A Memorial Video is much more than a slideshow presentation.  There are not only titles and music added to the video, but I can make each image pan, zoom, fade in/out, and/or cross dissolve to the next photo.   There are many other options.  You will find that the music and sometimes subtle motion effects play a significant and even vital part in setting the mood or emotion of the video.  My previous projects contain examples, so I can provide you with samples to help you make a decision.

How many videos have you done so far?

Somewhere between 25 and 50. Many of them are just segments of larger projects (promo videos, weddings, etc)

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How long does the process take?

It depends on the length of the video, but many projects can be done overnight. On average, a 5 - 10 minute video takes only a few hours of labor. What actually takes the longest time is your end of the deal. You have to assemble all the pictures, the music and any other necessities, and get them to me with clear instructions. That part usually involves a lot of family collaboration to get the 'right' pictures and the 'right' song to go along with that quote they wrote in your high school yearbook.. etc.. But once I have all the details worked out and everything has been negotiated, You'll find there is a quick turnaround time.

Can I send you slides as well as photos?

Sure. I scan slides as easily as I scan photographs. And again, all materials sent to me will return to you in the same condition they were recieved in.

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classic baby photos

How about mixing photographs with video or old home movie footage?

Actually, I encourage this. Moving images can really add a nice touch in helping to add variety to a video.  A small fee may apply if I need to transfer the footage from old home movie filmstrips, but it is not much (about $2.50 per minute of video).

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I'm having trouble deciding on a few details. Can I send you a few pictures and let you make the right decision based on your past experience?

Of course. This happens all the time. People send me pictures with unique directions such as "just zoom in on this section of the picture" or "crop these two photos together" or "hold this photo until the song ends and then fade into the poem I sent". I will communicate with you to make sure the video not only looks the best, but that your specifications are met to the best of my ability.

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I have an old rare picture that I want to put in the video, but I don’t want to send it to you, can I send you a copy?

scanning baby photo

Sure. It is common for people to make color photocopies of their rare photographs. It is easy to get quality photo copies made at your local office superstore or photo servicing center. As long as the copies are quality copies, they look as good as the original photo on the video.

baby pic from computer to tv

What about an old love letter, a yearbook photo, newspaper article, or that giant family tree poster thing we've got stored up in the attic?

Baby pic on computer

No problem. You can make copies of any rare item and send that to me instead. If the item is too large, or there is some other reason why you cannot xerox a copy, try taking a photograph of it and send me the photo; As long as you are satisfied with the quality of the copy, I will be also. It will be that same quality on the final video.

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I have one song on a Cassette, and another song on CD. There is also another song I want to use but I don't have a copy of it. But it's a real popular song. Do you have it?

I can use anything from a cassette or CD. I can use any audio or video from VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi-8 or DVD. I also have a large music library, so I can check to see if I have a song to save you the trouble.

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Can you put the video on CDrom or DVD?

Yes.  Digital video is in a constant flux right now, (as has always been the case with any new technology throughout history).  Because of this, CDrom pricing is always changing.  Contact me for current pricing on CDroms.

We can also put your video on DVD to be played back in full quality on any DVD player. You can burn a master now, and still have duplicates made later.  Contact me for current pricing info for DVDs.

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Can you do any special effects or titles?

Star Wars text

By all means! I have gotten special requests from clients for a unique opening, or a certain look for the video. Some of these include freezing on a certain frame, slowly changing a picture from color to black &, white (or vice versa), slowing down a video for dramatic effect; and even having the opening credits roll up the screen the same way they do in Star Wars. Don't ask me what I can do, because I still haven't discovered anything that I can't do yet.  In all the  time I've been doing these, I've yet to say no to a special request. And I always look forward to a challenge...

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So otherwise, how much will this cost me?

I charge a flat rate based on the length of the video.  (A 10 minute video will cost about ten times as much as a 1 minute video).  Or if you like, you can give me a budget and I will tell you exactly what I can do for your project with that amount. Either way, I will make sure you are aware of all costs before you commit to anything.

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Can I scan photos on my own equipment and then send you the disks instead of sending you photos?

pics stored on disks

Absolutely. This will save me a lot of time, and thus, save you money as well. Just make sure you contact me first to work out the technicalities of the scanning and saving process. (image quality, system compatability, resolution size, file type, etc.)

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Is it legal for you to copy music and/or other images for this purpose?

The copyright laws are written for the intent of protecting the original artist so that others cannot use their work for commercial gain without their permission. The intent of this product is for you to use it for private exhibition. If you were going to sell this product, or otherwise use it publicly for the purpose of commercial gain, then we would need the permission of any artist to use their work. If you are giving it as a gift, for a family member, or whomever, to watch in a private setting, you are not using it for commercial purposes. For more information on this subject, there will be a link up soon to other sites going into this in more detail...

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Can I be present during the production process to help make aesthetic decisions as you put the piece together?

client in studio

Absolutely. I don't mind being ordered around or trying different things to help cater to your own particular aesthetic sensibilities. Lord knows, I'm the same way when I'm making a video for myself. So if you do come in to be part of the process, don't worry about being to picky or analytical. It's your dollar; you're the boss...

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